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Sunday, December 2, 2007
Why Learn How To Have Lucid Dreams?
If you can learn how to have lucid dreams, you will discover a whole new world inside of your mind. A lucid dream is nothing more than a dream where you realize that you are dreaming. When you become aware that you are inside of your own dream world, the possibilities are endless!

Becoming lucid in a dream is a wonderful feeling. The first time that I realized that I was dreaming, my whole body began to tingle with excitement! It was amazing how clear and real the dream became, almost instantly! The colors were so bright, the sounds were so crisp, and I could even smell the fresh air as the wind blew in my face!

My quest to learn how to have lucid dreams was a very interesting journey. When I first found out about the whole idea, I was very skeptical! I didn't think that it was possible to control my dreams! I figured that if it was possible, more people would be doing it! I continued to do research on the topic, and found information about a man named Doctor Stephen Laberge.

"Stephen LaBerge is a psycho physiologist and a leader in the scientific study of lucid dreaming. He began researching lucid dreaming for his Ph.D at Stanford University. He developed techniques to enable himself and other researchers to enter a lucid dream state at will, most notably the MILD technique (mnemonic induction of lucid dreams), which was necessary for many forms of dream experimentation.In 1987 he founded The Lucidity Institute, an organization that promotes research into lucid dreaming, as well as running courses for the general public on how to achieve lucid dreaming."

Personally, I am a believer in science. Stephan LaBerge is a doctor, who has done an extensive amount of research on Lucid dreaming. He has provided a lot of evidence confirming the possibility to have lucid dreams. The information that I read on his web site made my interest in this topic grow!

If learning how to control your dreams spark's some interest in your mind, I highly suggest that you check out his web site, The Lucidity Institute. Read all of the great articles that he has written for his site, and even sign up for the mailing list. He even runs a workshop in Hawaii that will walk you through everything that you need to become lucid in your dreams!

I also recommend checking out his book called Lucid Dreaming: A Concise Guide to Awakening in Your Dreams and in Your Life. This is the one and only book that I bought on lucid dreaming. There is so much useful information inside of this book, and it also comes with a CD that will help to induce lucid dreams.

So, back to the question... Why learn how to have lucid dreams? Besides the wonderful feeling that you get inside of a dream that you control, it will also prevent you from wasting one-third of your life! The average person sleeps about eight hours per day! This is eight hours that would otherwise never be enjoyed without the ability to dream lucid!

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